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Flea Markets and Fairs

You will win at some and barely break even at others, but we love them! What a great bunch the traders are, and we love meeting old friends and making new ones at each fair we go to. Our favourite fairs are those where we can set up the day before - it means that we can spend time creating an attractive stand, we can get to know our neighbouring traders over a beer or three, and we can get a good night's sleep before we meet the buyers early in the morning. However, the good old fashioned format of turning up in the middle of the night and trying to grab an our or two of sleep across the seats before setting up in less than an hour ready to meet the public works too - it won't look so pretty, but the hectic early trading can make up for it. It is an addictive lifestyle, and one that we have missed this year, so fingers crossed we can stay open into the winter, but in the mean time we will going to as many as we can.

Last weekend was Shrewsbury Flea Market with the bargain hunt crew in full attendance for a 20-year anniversary special. I was filmed for a segment on this, so look out for my deliberate mistake (I was a member of the public for this segment, so didn't want to get it 100% right, however I am rather a fan of Ruskin, and have owned a few pieces ....)

This week Rod is off to Newark International Antiques Fair (13th and 14th August) with a great selection of furniture, including many pieces featured on this website, so look out if you would like a bargain! See for more information.

My next appearance will be at Bath Racecourse for the weekend of 22nd/23rd August, and I will bring along a selection of vintage sewing collectables, haberdashery, costume jewellery and linen from The Button Stall, our sister Facebook and Instagram business

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