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After being our constant companion for 11 years, our beautiful Lucy is no longer with us, and we had to allow her to rest in peace to dream of chasing squirrels through the clouds just before Christmas. She absolutely loved travelling with us to antiques fairs, and was always keen to go however early we set off - as soon as we started loading the van she would be worrying about being left behind, and we would have trouble getting her out of the cab! Lucy loved meeting people, and hated being restrained in any way , so she never accepted the idea that she should be on a lead or tied up at a fair, not helped by the many kind and generous dealers who always seemed happy to share a sausage or a bacon sandwich with her. Her favourite fair, however, was Shepton Mallet a few years ago, when we were pitched near to the food vans - we spent all day retrieving her and preventing her from mugging visitor sat at the tables. We never made that mistake again! Here is a photo

of our lovely girl, RIP Lucy.

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